In the "Old Town", characterized by a blend of Japanese and Western architecture and cobblestone alleys dating back to the Meiji era,
our building erected in 1885 as a shipping agency has been brought back to life.

Hakodate Port, opened to Western nations in the mid-1800s, welcomed ships from Russia, England, France, the United States, and more.

With the influx of different cultures, there was a dynamic melting pot-like atmosphere in this town. Functioning as a port where goods and ideas flowed in, it became a place where people of that time in Japan harbored aspirations toward cultures and knowledge from beyond the sea.

In this town, the harmony of history and nature brings new discoveries with each changing season.

Start the day buying fresh ingredients at the market, and spend the afternoon cooking in the kitchen while playing our selection of vynil.
Despite the somewhat challenging slopes, take a stroll and discover your favorite restaurants and cafes.
Relax in our large circular bathtub or venture to the hot springs, also serving as a social hub for the old town.
Take the streetcar to Goryokaku Park to admire cherry blossoms and fresh greenery or extend your journey to Onuma Quasi-National Park. In the midst of nature, listen to the clear chirping of wild birds and the sound of woodpeckers tapping on trees.

Imagine the 140-years of history of this building, which has observed the changes in the town's people and scenery. We will support you spending unique times here in the old town.




Living room

Dining table for 6,record player,Bluetooth-enabled amp,speakers,wood stove


Refrigerator,induction cooktop,electric kettle,cooking utensils (pans, pots, etc.),plates (deep plates, medium plates, bowls, etc.),cutlery,convection oven,wine cellar,rice cooker


King bed,queen bed,bedside table,work desk,pajamas


Circular bathtub,rain shower,shampoo and body soap,hair dryer,toiletries


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[Plane] 20 minutes by taxi from Hakodate Airport
[Car] 20 minutes from Hakodate IC
[Train] 15 minutes by train from Hakodate Station
3 minutes walk from Hakodate Tram ""Omachi"" station

It is located in a quiet area, even though it is within walking distance of popular spots such as morning market, red brick warehouse, and Hakodate mountain ropeway.